Reflexology is a complementary therapy which is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. I believe that working these reflexes aids relaxation and helps improve wellbeing.

Stress is such a normal word these days and that’s such a terrible shame. We have too much choice today and with the influences of social media, we question ourselves daily. This can be taken in one person’s stride but to someone else, it can turn their world upside down. This needs to stop and the only way to do this is by you taking control of how you’re feeling.  There is no shame in realising that you’re not coping with your current situation; you have to be proud of yourself for being in tune with yourself and knowing that now is the time that you need some support. There are many alternative therapies on offer and sometimes it may take more than reflexology to restore your balance. I can assure you it is an excellent starting point and may be all that you need.

Foot massage in spa salon, closeup

When I first meet you, I will take a full medical history and chat with you about how you’re feeling. Reflexology is a holistic treatment, therefore treating the whole body to work in unison for optimum health. All the systems in the body need to work together and in balance in order for you to feel better. Some people feel the benefits after 1 session; some people take a little longer but I can honestly say that everyone I have treated so far has had a feeling of total relaxation after treatment. I will occasionally ask you during the treatment how you’re feeling; feedback is so important to me. I will take on board everything I feel during the treatment and discuss this with you – quite often it triggers you to tell me something that has happened in the past and we can link things together.

Sometimes I will need to research things further and come back to you with a plan. I will refer to my text books if I need further support to treat my clients to the best of my ability. I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists which means I can contact them for even further support with particular conditions. My ultimate goal is to help you feel better; to release any blockages in your body which will then allow your body to heal itself. You can then restore balance and feel like ‘you’ again.

“There are 7,200 nerve endings in each foot. Perhaps this fact, more than any other, explains why we feel so much better when our feet are worked using Reflexology. Nerve endings in the feet have extensive interconnections through the spinal cord and brain with all areas of the body.”

Ray C Wunderlich Jr, MD, Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion, St Petersburg, Florida

Reflexology has been known to:

Improve sleep patterns

Restore balance both physically and mentally

Regulate and maintain hormone balance

Improve circulation – both blood and lymph

Improve headaches and migraines

Release tension

Deeply relax and improve wellbeing

Improve menopausal symptoms

Help prepare Mums to be for delivery

Relieve pain

Reduce water retention

For your first treatment, please allow 1 hour and 30 minutes to allow us to discuss all your concerns and take a full medical history. Thereafter, treatments should take about an hour each time I see you.

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