This massage is based on the ancient healing system of Ayuverda and has been practised in Indian for thousands of years.  In most clinics the massage is performed in a chair but I have discovered over the years, treating several clients, the majority have very sore necks and feel vulnerable in the seated position, so I have moved my Indian Head Massage to a lying down position. Most of the head is accessed from the face down position and seems to be more comfortable for my clients. I finish the massage with my clients in the supine position in order to fully encompass the head, not forgetting the face. If, however, you would prefer a seated Indian Head Massage, I am more than happy to comply. This is something we can discuss when we meet.

The treatment will take about 30 minutes. I will apply a little oil to enable smooth but strong movements over the scalp and the face. My clients are generally not worried about the use of oil as it is quite light and it’s not enough to make your hair look greasy when you leave after your treatment.

This is a truly relaxing treatment. We generally hold a huge amount of tension in our scalp, neck, chest and face and this is exactly where the treatment is focused. I have had many a sceptical client for their first treatment and I can assure you they have never looked back. This is their ‘go to’ treatment to give them pure relaxation, often combined with the Swedish Back and Shoulder Massage.


The benefits of Indian Head Massage are:

Stimulating blood flow to the follicles which can have an effect on hair growth;

An effective treatment for headache/migraine sufferers as it promotes complete relaxation and release of tension in the scalp, neck and face;

Can help relieve blocked sinuses;

Relaxes and soothes tense muscles and eye strain;

Can improve mental clarity.